iPhone 7 India Release Date, Price Rumors, New Specs & Features

The rumors are out on the release of the much awaited iPhone 7 in Indian markets. Though there are no official reports that confirms the launch of iPhone 7 this year. But if the rumors had to be true the iPhone 7 could be released in the month of September. The year was on the promising pace as there were iPhone 5se released along with iPad Air3 this year, that has kept the market for Apple quite busy and eventful for Apple.

As per the records, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s are pretty much be run on A10 Processor and possible 2 GB RAM. However, as per the sources, the processors on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s are supposed to have 6 core processors as compared to the earlier versions that have 2 core processors.

A different class of design and materials

iphone 7

As far as the features on the design aspects of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s, there is indeed improvisation that has to be expected from Apple. The company claims that has been a complete redesign with the materials being used, to ensure as much appraised quality and durability on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s.Surprisingly, The display on the iPhone 6 was not different with the much-awaited sapphire glass being used on the display as speculated by the experts. So indeed, the iPhone 7s has to the initial model to compete on the display factors with ensured and enhanced quality.

One of the other features that were on limelight were the Home Buttons on iPhones. The new variants of iPhone are expected to dispose of the Home Button in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s.This, in fact, is a pretty layout for the iPhones, since the screen has the option to widen and the iPhones will probably more user-friendly screen as compared to the earlier versions. Since the iPhone 6s is integrated Touch id in the Home Button, there is a quite bit of chance that the Home Button could be removed with a complete screen-based option on the new iPhone 7s.Also, since there was a patent on Touch id from Apple, the new designs and specification on the new iPhone 7s, is ought to imbibe lot more improvised features on the patent.

The new flagship from iPhone 7 onwards

The new iPhone 7 is a complete technological leap and a distinct level for Apple’s class since there are more visible and comprehensive changes that are bound in iPhone 7.IPhone 7 is expected to come with a complete non-metal body. And as per say, the alternates could possibly be the likes of ceramics or plastics along with liquid metal. But, nothing on the materials has been disclosed officially by Apple and only possible confirmation is a non-metallic exterior on iPhone7.

The new iPhone 7s on the technical grounds

Every year Apple patents for a lot of the features they imbibe onto their iPhones. And hopefully, this year has a lot in the retrospect with more contrasting changes being visible iPhone 7.The new iPhone 7 is supposedly water resistant with a wrapped curved display. These features have been submitted, as per record. So indeed, these features can be expected in the coming version of iPhone7.The battery on the latest model has been provisioned to work on, with extra space and compartment for extra power on battery. The batter is expected to be larger and packs more power that would indeed lay down the long raised drawback on battery options on iPhone 7s.

The storage options have also been sorted on the new model. As with every model from Apple, there were 3 variants that had 16 GB, 32 Gb, and 64 Gb. The iPhone 7s is being rumored to remove the 16 GB variant and henceforth all models would be available in a range of 32 GB and upwards. There is a hint on introducing a different quality in camera feature in the new iPhone along with a proposed AMOLED display in the future. But the reports on the inclusions are not yet confirmed.

The Indian markets have been always sensitive to iPhones as the Indian market remains an untapped resource for Apple unlike the other countries in South Asia. The prices are being set initially at Rs.60, 000/- for the 16 GB,Rs.65.000/- for 32 GB and 70,000/- for 64 GB.

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