Lava A82 Specifications & Price in India

Popular Indian smartphone company Lava has released their very latest affordable smartphone into the market, the Lava A82. The device is set to be sold at a very competitive price of Rs. 5,299. However, Tata CLiQ is going to take the marketing responsibility for the Lava A82 handset right now, later other retailers might also sell the handset. It comes in three different colors to suit everyone’s moods, and the specifications are very well crafted for high school and college going students, young executives, stay home moms and senior citizens.

Lava A82


The Lava A82 is an average sized Android smartphone, and the display is kept at a decent 5 inch dimension. It’s based on TFT technology, the richness of colors is quite sufficient to redraw and visual content almost close to a real-life object. Resolution on the Lava A82 display is FWVGA, or 480×854 pixels. Pixel density is in the mid-range – not very sharp, not dull either. Pixel density for the Lava A82 display is 196 ppi. The display gets a protective glass on top to prevent direct impact on the display.

Hardware Specifications

Lava A82 is powered by a quad core CPU and the clock speed is 1.2 GHz on this processor. The CPU isn’t the most high end processor available in the market, yet it gets most apps launched and tasks done in a very decent pace. The CPU is backed up by a 1GB RAM chip, it’s a high speed chip and offers multitasking at a pretty decent speed.


Internal storage capacity on the Lava A82 smartphone is 8 GB, and around 3.8 GB of this would be occupied by the operating system, and other user apps. The rest of the memory could be used for user apps, app data, media and entertainment contents, photos and videos captured by the on-board camera etc. To meet the ever demanding needs of the consumers, Lava has included an external memory card slot with the Lava A82 smartphone as well.


The cameras are quite mediocre, and not very well performers in low light situations. However, in ambient light condition the 5 megapixel rear camera takes excellent photos, and the 2 megapixel front camera is pretty well configured as well. It’s decently wide to fit in a friend circle, but not as wide as many latest smartphone front cameras till date.

Connectivity & Security Options

The Lava A82 packs few very basic connectivity options – 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. However, there’s no 4G LTE connectivity on either of the SIM cards on this device. Also, there’s no NFC for online payments. Security isn’t much of concern for such a budget smartphone, there’s no biometric input sensor for security either.

Operating System Software

Lava A82 comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop pre-installed, and there’s no update for Android Marshmallow right at this moment.


The Lava A82 comes with a 1 year standard warranty from the company, and the customers gets a replacement for their handsets only if factory faults are found. The warranty is 6 months for every other accessory in the packaging.


The Lava A82 handset is set to be sold at Rs. 5,299 at Indian markets.

Wrap Up

If you are to buy a smartphone around 5,000 rupees budget, the Lava A82 is the latest and one of the greatest inexpensive smartphones you can buy right now.

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