is a useful website, which is of great help to cell phone buyers, on account of reliable and comprehensive information provided by it about latest models of cell phones of different brands coming in the market. Like all other websites, too has a privacy policy. The users must have full knowledge about its privacy policy, or that of any other website used by him, so that he can use and access the website comfortably and confidently.

Privacy Policy of

The website itself gives all information about its privacy policy for users to go through it thoroughly before using the website. Along with the information about the privacy policy, the users can also get answers to any kinds of queries he may have. Being a trusted website to provide reliable and genuine overview and information about the latest products launched in the cell phone market, we try to give just that to the users so that they can use it to buy the best products and get a worthy bargain. The privacy policy of the website discloses the information furnished by the site, in addition to the way it has been employed to provide the maximum benefits to the site visitors.

Use of Cookies and Log Files

Another important issue for the website is the use of DART cookies, which is done for the purpose of gathering info about the frequency of page access by the users of the site, along with the kind of browsers used for this purpose. Additionally, DART cookies fulfill the purpose of displaying ads on the site. Still, the option of disabling the cookies lies with the site users. Log files are used by the site to include details regarding date and time, service provider, frequency of clicks on the pages, etc. the purpose of making use of these parameters is to study the user trends, which can be used by us later for effective site management.