Top 10 Best Cases for iPhone in India

Apparently, the iPhones are the best and highest selling Apple products all over the world. Despite a really good build quality, durability on iPhones is a concern. Even without the concern, putting a case on an iPhone could help with enhancement of how it looks, offer protection in cases of accidental fall and impact, and increases overall durability. iPhone cases are available in plenty in India mobile stores, however not all of them are made with top-notch materials. If you are looking for premium iPhone cases in reasonable price tags, then you should go through these top 10 best cases for iPhone in India.

1. iPaky Front & Back Case

iPaky Front & Back Case

The iPak front and back case for iPhone is made for iPhone 6 and 6s generations, however some shops might have product lineups for iPaky for the previous generations as well. This cover is made of plastic, and comes in only one color option – black. Price: Rs. 298.

2. Yofashions Back Cover

The Yofashions Back Cover we are talking about, is especially made for the iPhone 5s generation. It’s made of hard carbonate, and it fits over an iPhone just perfect. The premium appeal and elegance on the Yofashions Back Cover would certainly make it a good product for iPhone owners. Rs. 280.

3. Spigen Back Cover

Spigen is an international brand that makes cases for various smartphones, and iPhones are their premium market base. The Ultra Hybrid series of Spigen cases are the most sold ones, and this one we are talking about has two parts combined together – soft TPU bumper and PC black panel. It’s a transparent case. Price: Rs. 1,099.

4. Rock Back

Apparently, the name of this product sounds like a very sturdy and rigid back cover. In reality though, Rock Back is not much of a protection for your iPhone, but offers decent protection against minor scratches, impacts, falling off your hands etc. The materials used for this iPhone back cover are plastic and rubber, and the final output is based on a matte finish for seemingly premium look. Price: Rs. 490.

5. MV Back Cover

The MV Back Cover for iPhones is simply, yet protective against minor and even some semi-major drops, accidental hits etc. However, the basic objective of this back cover is to provide protection against scratches and add a good look to your iPhone. It’s made of TPU and polycarbonate. The slim properties of this iPhone case makes your iPhone looks almost the dimension it originally is. Price: Rs. 395.

6. Darrel Back Cover

Darrel Back Cover is primarily for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s generations, there are covers for other iPhone generations as well. 100% premium materials have been used to make the cover we are talking about now. Protection against any sort of impact isn’t the primary concern of Darrel back cover, instead it only enhances the look. Price: Rs. 260.

7. BMS Lifestyle Bumper Case

Bumper cases typically enhance the design, doesn’t offer much protection. In fact, the rear and frontal part of the phone remains open when you use the BMS Lifestyle Bumper Case, hence there wouldn’t be any scratch or impact resistance. Yet, many people love bumpers for the exotic look. Price: Rs. 247.

8. G-Mos Back Cover

G-Mos Back Cover is quite simple. It’s made of plastic and offers a semi-matte finish with few shiny finishes on its body. The buttons are covered with rubber as well; and there are two cuts in the rear to showcase the Apple logo, and make room for the camera. Price: Rs. 329.

9. KanvasCases Back Cover

If you want your iPhone’s rear to look exceptional, get the various design and styles offered by KanvasCases Back Cover. Basically, the back of these covers is like a canvas where pictures can be drawn, quotes can be quoted etc. The materials are very premium. Price: Rs. 499.

10. Cubix Back Cover

If transparent covers are your forte, then Cubix Back Cover could be the perfect pick for you. This specific model is manufactured for iPhone 6 and 6s generations only. It’s made of plastic, and there’s no color in the transparent case. Price: Rs. 337.


These iPhone cases are offered within a budget, and available in the Indian market in plenty.

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